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The Reclaiming Education alliance is preparing to engage with the Labour Party’s consultation on policy, building on our successful conference on 11th November which discussed in detail what a National Education Service (NES) should mean.

We believe that developing an NES is a significant policy development. Education policy in the UK has tended to be late and piecemeal, responding to crises rather than viewing education as a vital element of both national well-being and individual fulfilment.

In particular, there has been little recognition of how investment in Early Years education shows benefits further “down the line” and how well-educated adults can respond better to economic change, contribute more to society and stay healthy for longer in later life.

We should not allow vested interests to use education solely to benefit their causes, rather than the whole community, but we are under no illusions how hard it will be to promote a vision of “cradle to grave” lifelong learning from which we all gain.

Now we are going a step further and proposing an Education programme for a Labour Government. You can find it here.