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The Reclaiming Education alliance held a national conference in London on 11th November to discuss Labour’s 2017 ­Manifesto promise to ­create a National ­Education Service.

The speakers provided a political and practical reflection on how such a cradle-to-grave service. They were, in order of appearance:-

  1. Mike Watson, Labour’s Education spokesperson in the House of Lords
  2. Pam Jarvis regarding Early Years
  3. Pam Tatlow, Chief Executive of MillionPlus, the ­Association for ­Modern Universities
  4. Jonathan Bartley, ­Co-Leader of the Green Party
  5. Catherine Fisher spoke on behalf of parents campaigning on school funding
  6. Tom Wilson, formerly of the TUC, the Association of University Teachers and previously National Trade ­Union Liaison Officer for the Labour Party
  7. Kevin Courtney, joint General Secretary of the new National Education Union

FURTHER READING:- Among the documents discussed the Conference on 11th November were Labour’s 10-point Charter (as published in the TES) and the Reclaiming Education alliance’s paper on what a National Education Service should mean.

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